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weebCentral Official Launch


My dream of starting a forum is finally a reality.

Turns out, I'm about 13 years too late. Or so the bookies say.

I remember whipping up FreeWebSpace forums while dreaming of buying a vBulletin license like it was yesterday. I'd stay up all night toggling configurations to customize my forum (that no one would ever see, mind you) and spend all day in class snoozing and daydreaming of what it could look like if I had access to infinite resources. I wasn't a complete nerd, I mean... I had other dreams, too. Like being a famous songwriter or author. Turns out those kinds of dreams take a lot more work and luck than designing a website. So here we are, doing what we can. 😅

Forums started to fall out of favor as boards like Reddit and platforms like Discord exploded. Once the shift began, it was inexorable. These alternatives were the new hotness and everybody moved on. I was content with them for a long time. They didn't offer everything forums did, but they were a great way to keep up with the things you liked.

As time passed I grew more jaded with everything that had replaced forums, especially Reddit. Almost no one recognized each other despite your username being the only part of your personality you can show. There were no avatars, signatures, visible post count, or any of the subtle touches that made forums interesting. When you subscribe to a new subreddit, you're a stranger shouting into the wind and hoping others give you karma (attention). Let me be clear, I don't consider Reddit an enemy and I'm not fighting against it. I still use it. But, there's something missing that I personally need from my online communication - the community.

I don't think a better sense of community has ever been fostered outside of the classic forum. Here, we are our own microcosm of society. When we go to a different subforum, we can expect to see our friends there. Familiar faces return every day. We get acquainted with the staff. We role play. We overshare. There are awards, conventions, and if you're lucky - stories written about you. That's what I want to bring to you here at weebCentral. That sense of community, of belonging, of being part of something.

Whatever happens going forward, I hope this website will be a source of entertainment and friendship for everyone who takes part. Once you've joined our forums, check out the New User FAQ posted in Introduce Yourself to get a head start and say hello.

For now,

Recruiting Staff


We're currently looking to fill these staff member positions:

2 Moderators
1 Social Media Manager
There are no prerequisites for these positions other than wanting to do it. Please message Roxas privately with the title "Staff" if interested.